Yuanyuan Yin

Yuanyuan Yin is the SuperHealos Chief Executive Officer. Her background in manufacturing and sales leadership from IBM bring key skills to SuperHealos. Yuanyuan also leverages her MBA education (expected 2015) and resources from Babson to lead SuperHealos.

Kathryn Jones
Chief Product Officer

Kathryn Jones is the head of product development. As a Registered Occupational Therapist, Kathryn understands first hand what resonates with children and families facing medical challenges. Her degree in fashion merchandising also helps SuperHealos design cool images, content, and products.

Dylan Murphy
Chief Technology Officer

Dylan Murphy leads the SuperHealos technology strategy and implementation. His Masters in Software Systems and years in product management for IBM guide his decisions. Dylan also has over 8 years of enterprise sales experience selling to large organizations worldwide .

Jacob 'Jay Rey' Reynolds
Creative Director

Jacob ‘Jay Rey’ Reynolds is the Creative Director and Head Illustrator at SuperHealos. With his knowledge and skills acquired from the Rhode Island School of Design and his freelance experience, he brings the world of Superhealos to life through colorful and playful Illustration. You can see more of his work at

Our Story

In 2014, SuperHealos CEO, Yuan Yin, had an unexpected hospital stay. During her stay, she shared a hospital floor with young children and often thought, “If I am this scared as an adult, I wonder what these young kids must be feeling.”

After Yuan recovered, she decided to do something to help all the children and families she had met. Shortly after, she started SuperHealos, with a mission to create awesome products that would ease stress for all children facing medical treatment.

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Our Products

Packed with imagination, art, education and play, SuperHealos Hospital Adventure Kit is the perfect get-well gift for children. Each kit contains an adventure storybook in which two young kids use their magic superhero capes to bring medical equipment to life and solve medical mysteries. The kit also includes a coloring book, a color-your-own superhero cape, and fabric markers. Just like signing a cast, children are able to color and personalize their capes and coloring pages.

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