What is a SuperHealo?

A SuperHealo is a superhero of health. Anyone who is dedicated to helping a child through their medical journey can consider themselves a member of the SuperHealos team! This can be the child themselves who gets their treatment and takes their medicine even though it’s hard to do. A parent who advocates for their child and stands by them through every step of the process. A sibling who is courageous throughout a trying time. A supportive family member or friend who goes out of their way to do something special. A member of the medical team who offers loving care.

How do you help kids?

SuperHealos provides children with adventure storybooks and products that gently introduce what they may see along their medical journeys. All of our products are fun, inspire confidence and made especially to help children feel like superheroes.  

Do you offer anything for Adult sized SuperHealos?

We know that the path to assisting children towards increased self confidence and empowerment takes many. Our blog, SuperHealos Nation offers helpful advice and inspiration to caretakers of little SuperHealos. Our products will bring out the inner superhero in people of all ages!

What type of medical professionals review your products?

We take our responsibility to guide children and families very seriously. All of our products are reviewed by medical professionals including doctors, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists and child life specialists. Of course our products are also kid and parent tested to ensure quality!

What is your return policy?

You can find the details of the return policy by clicking the Refunds and Exchange page.

I really like what you do and I am passionate about your mission, how can I get involved?

Of course!  We’d love to talk to you.  Please send us an email to [email protected]

How do I purchase SuperHealos products?

Through our online store or if you want to buy in bulk, send us a note at [email protected]  For bulk orders for retailers or non-profits, we can do special customization and pricing.

For whom shall I purchase the SuperHealos products?

Our products are good for any child who enjoys adventures! They also  educate children about health topics in a fun way. Our products show kids how to turn challenges into adventure so we think most kids, ages 5+  will love them!

Right now, we have a hospital adventure kit, helping children or siblings who have had, or are going to have a hospital stay.

We also have products specifically designed for siblings who have a new brother or sister coming.

Scared of shots? Us to. That’s why our next kit will help kids see shots as the true supeheroes they are. Stay tuned for that.  

Are you a non-profit or for profit business?

We’re a socially responsible for profit business dedicated to helping children.

What is your giveback program?

SuperHealos donates a portion of every sale back toward helping a SuperHealos in need. Check here to see where our latest giveback efforts have gone. Or nominate a child or worthy company to receive free SuperHealos products by visiting our contact us page.